What is the Annual Support Fee?
Answer in detail:

The Annual Support Fee (ASFE) is a once a year fee for processing child support payments that has been previously collected by the local Clerk�s offices. In some cases the local Clerk�s offices have not been pro-active in collecting these fees.

Pursuant to IC 13-33-37-5-6(f) this fee is now being collected at the State level on cases where the Non-Custodial Parent is paying by Income Withholding and is for the amount of $55.00 per child support case. Notices requesting payment were sent to the Non-Custodial Parents who we had addresses for in ISETS. If we had no address, but we did have employer information, we sent the notice to the employer in the Non-Custodial Parent�s name for forwarding to the Non-Custodial Parent.

ISETS was updated with any information collected by the notices that were returned to our office or from employers who contacted us.

Income Withholding Orders for the collection of this fee will be sent to employers if the Non-Custodial Parent does not voluntarily pay this fee. As this fee is considered a part of the child obligation the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) applies.

This fee can be sent by check or by using the ASFE option on our web site once the ASFE Income Withholding Orders have gone out. Annual Support Fees cannot be paid by EFT/EDI as they will process as a child support payment and go out to the custodial parent.

Checks for the Annual Support Fee along with the Fee Coupon are sent to a separate P O BOX than child support payments. Please make the ASFE payments payable to and mail to:

Indiana State Central Collection Unit ASFE
P. O. Box 6271
Indianapolis IN 46206-6271

If you have any questions, please don�t hesitate to contact our Employer Maintenance Unit (EMU) at 317-232-0327 or 1-800-292-0403.